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Enriching Community

Enriching Community

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From our partner organizations

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We chose to support Panhandle Services for Children to meet the many service needs.
Leadership Guymon
Guymon Community Enrichment Foundation

GCEF partners with numerous beautification, fundraisers, memorials, scholarships, elder and youth programs.

We welcome partnerships to enrich lives.
GCEF Board
The Jim Hitch Memorial Golf Championships has become
one of Americas most historic and prestigious junior golf tournaments.
Steve Braley Former Senior Director PGA of America
Oklahoma Panhandle Partners was founded with the desire to address the needs of cancer patients and their families in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Guymon Community Enrichment Foundation has given us the ability to do what we do while they take care of the business aspect of our operations. They also enable us to maintain a 501c3 charitable status. Their smiles and advice are great encouragement as we enter our ninth year of existence. Together, we hope to help meet the financial and cancer support needs of our growing community.
Megan Davidson
Before the Guymon Community Enrichment Foundation, the Guymon Firefighter’s Club took care of our own financials. The club…talked about obtaining our 501(c)(3) status, but determined it was not in our best interest when the GCEF option was made known to us. The GCEF took all of the burden out of making the transition and allows us to operate smoothly, efficiently and legally, all of which are important to us. The GCEF is a great asset to those who are looking at or already have clubs that would like to be tax exempt.
Grant Wadley Fire Chief
Livin’ Green – Clean – Simply – Healthy

Developed in 2009, The Livin’ Green Run/Walk has never lost its focus reminding community residents that, “It’s never too late to begin a healthy lifestyle.”
Rick Roberts Race Director
Sister 2 Sister – Giving women a hand up.

Provides mentoring while incarcerated serving time. Women are offered guidiance to obtain gainful employment, education, and housing. Support is continued with mentoring meetings held weekly for clients to attend by choice.
Sister to Sister

ROAD SAFETY for bicycles: separate bicycles from cars in space and time.
In Guymon, this can be possible by cycling in the alleys. Did you know that the alley in between Academy St and James Sts goes from SW 2nd St to 24th St and it connects the middle school and the high school?
It ends at Walmart on 24th St.
Try it with your kids this summer, they might want to cycle to school in the fall.
Ride The Alleys Dr. Manny Barias
Christmas Cheer for Children

Benefitting children in Beaver, Cimarron and Texas Counties.

When I started this project in 2011, I didn’t dream it would grow so quickly.. I reached out to the Guymon Community Enrichment Foundation for help. Partnering with the GCEF enabled us to receive donations as a 501(c)3 from corporations too. We are able to reach more families and children.
Christmas Cheer for Children Charity Headrick Hitch
Texas County Health Improvement Organization formerly known as the Texas County Coalition also known as Panhandle Cares

In the beginning, we partnered with GCEG for our Children’s Health Fair and Elder Fair events.

Texas County Health Improvement Organization (TCHIO) now serves Texas County in healthcare and social determinants of health improvement for all residents.

TCHIO Amber Costillia, TCHIO Director

Crossroads serves at-risk juveniles in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Crossroads through the Office of Juvenile Affairs. Mentors Robbie Wayman and Teresa Barnes partnered with GCEF to accept donations to help underserved junveniles in like group settings. The program also offers support through essentials such as school supplies, clothing, and health care. When junveniles realize a community cares they can set goals to move forward with school and a rewarding future.
Crossroads Robbie Wayman – Teresa Barnes

About Us

A platform of change for Guymon and beyond

The Guymon Community Enrichment Foundation (GCEF) was formed to provide a better living environment for the residents of Guymon, Oklahoma, and its surrounding areas. We support programs that promote editions and recreation, ensure safety and freedom from the fear of abuse, and strive to improve the lives of citizens of all ages.

Pillar 1

Seek Opportunities

Seek opportunities for recreational programs, educational activities, cultural events, and historical preservation.

Pillar 2

Provide Funds

Provide funds to address the shortages and gaps in education, health, culture, and community development.

Pillar 3


Give individuals, business corporations, and other foundations a platform for contributing resources to improve the community.

Pillar 4


Partner with other organizations to further our joint mission for the betterment of Guymon and the Oklahoma Panhandle.

The organization is organized under the laws of the State of Oklahoma for charitable, health, community development, and education purposes. Our membership is compromised solely of the board of directors. Members must be active in the Guymon community and have a broad base of volunteer effort, so they remain aware of the community’s needs.


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