As the year comes to a close, people reflect on the past year with plans for the new year. There are no words to describe the feeling of accomplishment for the better good. The looks of being happy on the many faces when communities come together with a common goal to improve the quality of life through many opportunities.

What are your passions and imagination? We can help.

GCEF was formed in 1993 as an IRS 501 (c) (3) to provide a better living environment for residents in Guymon, Oklahoma, and other surrounding areas. The first project, Oaks of Mamre homeless shelter, needed a 501 (c) (3) status to raise funds for matching grants. The Lu Ann Fischer Memorial Park in Hooker, Oklahoma, started with GCEF. Lighting projects for parks were completed because citizens could donate through the Guymon Community Enrichment Foundation.

Legacies live on through GCEF. Memorials were given in memory of help organizations like Oklahoma Panhandle Partners and the Jim Hitch Memorial. The Heritage Community receives memorials for the continued support of its residents.

The Guymon Fire Fighter Club does numerous community projects throughout the year. They can do so because of donations.

Area youth ball teams, sibling support groups, and at-risk youth benefit from donations through GCEF.

The organization is organized under the laws of the State of Oklahoma for charitable, health, community development, and education purposes. Our membership is compromised solely of the board of directors. Members must be active in the Guymon community and have a broad base of volunteer effort so they remain aware of the community’s needs.