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ROAD SAFETY for bicycles: separate bicycles from cars in space and time.

In Guymon, this can be possible by cycling in the alleys. Did you know that the alley between Academy St and James Sts goes from SW 2nd St to 24th St and connects the middle and high school?

It ends at Walmart on 24th St.

Check the events page for upcoming Ride The Alley Bike Rides

Safety First
Stop signs are placed for riders to stop at each street crossing.
Bike paths are marked for vehicle drivers to watch for bike riders.
The bike path on the map is 6.12 miles.
8th Street Pedestrian Lane for Students

Try it with your kids this summer, they might want to cycle to school in the fall.

The donations will purchase street paint (for bicycle crossings), poles, signage, and possible lights.

The Guymon Community Enrichment Foundation gladly partners with Ride The Alley. It is part of the mission of GCEF to provide a better living environment for the residents of Guymon, Oklahoma, and its surrounding areas. We support programs that promote editions and recreation, ensure safety and freedom from the fear of abuse, and strive to improve the lives of citizens of all ages.