School has started with many students utilizing the City of Guymon public transit system “The Ride”. The system provides students with a way to get to school safely daily.

You can donate money to purchase tickets for school children whose families have limited income through the Guymon Community Enrichment Foundation.

Martin Hernandez, Director of Transportation, for the City of Guymon – The Ride collaborates with the community for riders needing help. Martin can be contacted by calling 580-338-7433. Visit The City of Guymon webpage for transit details.

Ride Fees:

$2 per ride – Over five years of age

$1 per ride – Under five years of age

The system provides an essential service for several reasons.

– The students can attend school every day.

– Parents whose work schedules and limited resources use public transit to transport their children to school safely.

– Pedestrian traffic is not safely accessible in all areas or students are too young to walk to school.

– The riders do not own a vehicle, bicycle, or any other means for transportation or there is only one vehicle per household.